Notes from COSCUP x GNOME.Asia x openSUSE.Asia Summit 2018

“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” – Gloria Steinem

Exactly 3 years ago when one of my colleagues going to held his first international event, I began to involved in FOSS community project. My first task to be involved in that time is I am going to be there, holding microphone, leading the audience enjoying and following the entire morning and evening. The first experience took me by surprised because not long after that I realized that the same people from community event three years ago become my friend. From that day, a lot of things happened and changed my view about FOSS community. From that day, different places I visited as I involved more and more in the community.

GNOME.Asia Summit 2015 concluded

The first event that I mention above is GNOME.Asia Summit 2015. It’s an annual event from GNOME for community in Asia. The event taken place in Universitas Indonesia, Depok, West Java nearly 800 kilometers from Yogyakarta, the place where I live. This 3-days events (including workshop on 0 day) attracts more that 630 attendees. Speakers, attendees and crew coming together creating FOSS ambiance in Balai Rung Hall, Universitas Indonesia.

As years go by, for my understanding that GNOME.Asia is culmination point of Asian community hard work in GNOME and FOSS community because basically it is one of the events held by GNOME in Asia and it is also an event to meet all people from Asian community. They are the one behind every release, every new applications. The community span from people who did code, design, documentation, translation and engagement.

Left to Right: Neil, Mathias, Nuritzi and David

GNOME Hackfest 2018 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

GNOME 20th Birthday and GNOME 3.26 Release Party

This year’s GNOME.Asia Summit is is Taipei! Taipei is capital city of Taiwan. The conference was held in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei City, Taiwan on August 11th-12th 2018. Taipei is to the northeast of my country, Indonesia. Taipei known for it’s highest building, Taipei 101. It is going to be my first GNOME.Asia Summit outside Indonesia since I didn’t attend GNOME.Asia Summit 2017 in New Delhi due to my medical condition.

Indonesia to Taiwan

The flight that I took from Yogyakarta (JOG) to Taipei (TPE) has 2 connections. First, I have to get from Yogyakarta (JOG) to Jakarta (CGK) that is my capital city of Indonesia. Second, I took flight from Jakarta (CGK) to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (KUL). Third, I went from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Taipei, Taiwan (TPE). The total flying time is 8 hours but the layover is almost 24 hours *sad*

GNOME.Asia Summit 2018 is co-hosted with COSCUP and openSUSE.Asia Summit 2018. COSCUP is Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters, an annual conference held by Taiwanese open source community since 2006. It’s considering as a major force of Free Software movement advocacy in Taiwan. The openSUSE.Asia Summit 2008 is also an annual conference of openSUSE community in Asia. The three of these community bring together COSCUP x GNOME.Asia Summit x openSUSE.Asia Summit 2018.

Welcome to Taipei or Ni Hao *I think*

I arrived at Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) at 1530, first impression of airport? It was a quite long queue at the immigration counter.  Waited for more than 40 minutes, I think. All the passenger from earlier flight is jumbled together in the line, most of them are Koreans and Japanese. I guess they are about to spend the summer vacation in Taipei. Considering myself quite lucky to have a friend that is currently studying in National Taiwan University. It gave me several advantages including designated maps, a useful EasyCard e-money for MRTs and buses also  several tips to explore the city including precaution on long-waiting-time in immigration counter when I find out my flight is at busiest time at airport. Oh well, I have my mint candy and Kindle!

Bringing a bean bread all the way from Indonesia

From Taoyuan Airport, I took bus number 1819 and headed straight to Taipei Main Station and walk for about 10 minutes to my hotel in Zhongzheng District. The bus has covered window to reduce the sunlight. It’s comfortable for sleep considering my total trip from Yogyakarta is more thatn 24 hours but not really good for outside looking because it is blocking the view. The trip took about 50 minutes, mostly it’s a highway and flyover before entering the city.

Bus Windows Cover

Taipei Main Station is connection hub for Airport commute, all MRTs and bus to all over the Taipei. I am glad I choose a hotel that only took me 10 minutes — or 5 minutes because we have M5 exit 50 meters from the lobby — to go there. Uh, oh I need to finish preparing my presentation. This time, I am rushing to go to the hotel!

Taipei Main Station

I think I remember the committee need us to meet together in Taipei Main Station East Lobby for us to go to One Day Trip once the conference conclude. Truth is, it near for me and I can’t wait to explore Taipei with all speakers and committee from this event.

Welcome Neon

Hotel Lounge, nice touch

Think it is as advantages. Taipei is GMT +8 that’s mean 1 hour early to Yogyakarta time. I usually woke up at 0430 in my hometown for praying and start my day. Now, here, I can woke up at 0530 and not feeling guilty at all! Tired of all trips, I decided to stay on the bed until 1000.

I have the same fridge with this hotel. Feels like home! HAHAHAHHA


Well oh well, staying near Taipei Main Station has it’s advantage and disadvantage; it’s near from everywhere yet so far from the venue. To go to National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) for the first day conference and attend the COSCUP x GNOME.Asia Summit x openSUSE.Asia Summit 2018 I need to take bus or MRT at least 40 minutes ride. Today, I went with Matthias Classen and catch the bus to go to venue; walk 300 meters, ride the bus for 20 minutes and walk again for 750 meters. It’s only cost us $15, what a ride!

Arrived at Venue

GNOME.Asia Summit 2018 logo

Because of the trip that I took with Mathias including several try and error. I am pretty sure we were lost and going to enter the National Taipei University’s Women Dorm if only there were no student call and say hi to us. She pointed out that we were in the wrong direction, even thought we took the pavement same way at first try. We ended up circling around university’s gate and finally headed to right direction that took us 15 minutes to walk.

2 rings binder with Schedule and Information about Event

Inside the binder: information about classes

In reception desk, the committee hand us a bag that is contain of 2 rings binder, brochures and some SWAG from the event. I personally love the binder, there is completed information about the class, about the map and all the things that is going on in the event. On this first day, I am attending one of the people in Indonesian FOSS community. His name is Rama.


Rama lives in Yogyakarta but I didn’t casually meet with him. First time I met him I think it’s in casual FOSS event in Yogyakarta. This year, I met Rama more often than before because we unintentionally shared the event. Before met in Taipei, I met Rama in LibreOffice Conference Indonesia in Surabaya around March 2018 then we met again when he helped me creating video about that event. After that all conversation is  always within online platform.

Rama created all artwork for LibreOffice Conference 2018. His presentation title is “Working & Contributing to Open Source Via Graphic Design in openSUSE “. He is began his presentation dengan mencoba menyapa teman-teman yang telah hadir di kelas. Rama started his class in IB304 at 1000 sharp. He showed us the first slide with some of logos. All of those logo looks familiar to me, including an institutional logo from where Rama still considering himself as university student. beserta seluruh open source project that he involved in. There it was; GIMP, BlankOn, LibreOffice, Ridon and Ubuntu Budgie.

Rama expained about GIMPSCAPE, a community focused on helping designer work with open source software : GIMP and Inscape. The goal of this community first and foremost is for open source software campaign, the other is for build confidence for artist to use FOSS. The other goal that is important is for providing Licence of Work art understanding and of course for them to openly contribute to the open source project. He also show us few sample of his projects. The presentation continue with some attendant throwing questions. Here is Shobha with GIMPSCAPE t-shirt as doorprize!

Rama in “Working & Contributing to Open Source Via Graphic Design in openSUSE “

Rama and Shoba Tyagi

Pink t-shirt from LibreOffice Conference Indonesia 2018. From Flickr

On second day, after I took MRT from my hotel, I am rushing to go to the venue. Had vegetable bun for breakfast, it was first time experience for me, had 2 buns and a tea. The second day of conference I decided to go more talks with GNOME and other community member. It’s a good way to understand more about Taiwan FOSS community ambiance. I went to Pak Iwan Tahari’s class at 306 and here it is about him.

iwan tahari

First time I met Iwan Tahari was at GNOME.Asia Summit 2015 in Depok Indonesia. I call him “Pak Iwan”. Pak is a common way for an Indonesian to address elder people or someone we respect. It is a similar with Mister or Sir in English language.

Pak Iwan Tahari at National Museum of Taipei on One Day Tour of Speakers COSCUP x GNOME.Asia x openSUSE.Asia Summit 2018

During GNOME.Asia Summit 2018 in Taipei, Pak Iwan had a presentation of “Using Inkscape to Design Shoes”. He is a Director of Operation in a shoe company called Fans (meaning admire or supporter) with a mission to become a popular brand with quality improvement and continuous innovation. Fans was established in October 2001. The company used to use proprietary software.  He explain that the company had some security issues with proprietary software because of malware and viruses.

Pak Iwan in “Using Inkscape to Design Shoes”

To solve the problem,the company migrated to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). On his presentation, Pak Iwan explained how Fans adopt FOSS gradually. With one PC, in 2007 they started with dual-booting SimplyMEPIS Linux with Windows XP.  It was a failure because the user almost never boot Linux OS. In 2012, the company tried Partial Migration with 5 notebooks installed with Linux Mint 13 XFCE, and 7 others PC were still with Windows OS. Fans started to implement RetailSoft (accounting software) with 13  Linux PCs and only 1 Windows XP PC in 2013. Finally, they Fully Migrated the company to FOSS in 2014 with 2 Linux Server(s) and 13 Linux Workstation(s).

The newest Fans shoe for GNOME 3.28

The newest Fans shoe for GNOME 3.28

In the next slide, Pak Iwan explained the shoe making process from drawing shoes with Inkscape at the early stage until the final result. Inkscape did a great job at the early production stage. Fans also used Inkscape to design marketing items along with another useful l FOSS called GIMP.

Cost Comparison between Proprietary Software and FOSS

Cost Comparison between Proprietary Software and FOSS

Now the company is implementing FOSS in every aspect of their operations in a way that Pak Iwan has never thought about it before. In the picture above, there is a Cost Comparison between Proprietary Software vs FOSS. Pak Iwan’s company has made a great saving by using FOSS. Because of all of the benefits, Fans has started to support the FOSS project. For example, the company has sponsored FOSS book “Menggambar dan Desain Grafis dengan Inkscape (Graphical Design with Inkscape)” written by Sokhibi. They also cooperate with Blankon Linux community to organize Writing Contest.  Fans was also sponsoring FOSS event(s) like GNOME.Asia Summit 2015; LibreOffice Conference 2018 and several others local open source gathering.

Oh yes, have I mentioned before that I was sharing a room with my friend, Nuritzi? No? Oh well, let’s talk about her now.


I don’t recall our first meeting, I think it is when I was attending GUADEC 2015 in Sweden. There was a Woman Dinner as part of the event’s plan. Together with another women from GNOME community, we sit together for a nice meal. Nuritzi is not an engineer, she admits herself as a non-technical and non-programming person. I believe I remember one of her presentation slide for Endless Project that she mention herself as someone who keen to learn the new world, including open source community. Next thing I know, she is one of the Board of Director in, even better she is The President, Board of Directors of GNOME Foundation. Way to go, girl!

Nuritzi is one of the founder of GNOME San Francisco Community. On second day, Nuritzi and Kat gave Keynote as Keynote Speaker on first schedule in the morning. The presentation title is “Year of GNOME”. I am amazed by how GNOME has been change and develop in the past 3 years as I joining them in 2015. The significant change in community is now we use Gitlab for project tracking and management!

Nuritzi and Kat began the keynote speaker on second day


At night before the event started, we went to Welcome Party together. The committee held Welcome Party as a casual event, all speakers all allowed to come with RSVP first. That night, the MC using Mandarin to speak and host, basically everyone shouting in Mandarin, so I am just here, hanging with all of my friend who already came before the main event is happens (that is tomorrow).

Pak Yan Arief, also from Yogyakarta, Indonesia

I met several people from Japan, including Takeyama whom sincere to me and Sendy. Last year, he decided to gave Sendy one of the openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016’s t-shirt even thought I didn’t come to the event. Thanks Takeyama! I also meet with another people from openSUSE community and asking where I was this morning because apparently there was a Community Day at SUSE Office of Taiwan. Need to tell them that my foot had blisters 😦

Takeyama, second person from left with glasses.

BinLi, the one with nice smile and fantastic picture from his high-end camera *evil laugh*

openSUSE.Asia Community Day that I didn't attend this morning :(

openSUSE.Asia Community Day that I didn’t attend this morning :(. Pic from Flickr

I stayed till 2200 and decided to took same MRT route and apparently Umang’s and Jonathan’s place is not far from where I stay. We ended up took MRT together.

Shobha and Umang from India

My dream come true: holding a sign for tour group!

My dream come true: holding a sign for tour group! Pic from Flickr

Fans-made shoes


key points

It’s a three events! I love how I meet other community from different area of interest. It gives a different view about open source as well. The main problem is there are too many people to remember hahaha but I love how diversity it can get. Hope I will attend another event is Taipei, next time.


I had amazing Bird of Feathers (BoFs) with people in Taiwan Open Source community, especially LibreOffice community. The place for our BoFs called A+A Space, I think I may left Taipei as well because we go on foot for about 700 meters and took a train, stop at the very last station. :))


Sushi, is that you?

The people from Asian community

The main talk in the BoFs is what we should do to strengthen Asian community in Open Source Software, including held several upcoming event. As I wrote this post, there was LibreOffice Conference happening in Tirana, Albania.


Some of my friends, including Estu Fardani  in Taipei, openSUSE Asia Summit, Power of Community and Ahmad Haris in GNOME Asia Summit 2018 – Taipei, Taiwan  are mentioning the non-existence of GNOME Booth in the event. I am kind of agree with them.

Last but not least, thank you to the GNOME Foundation for sponsoring my trip to GNOME.Asia! If someone is interested in  travel sponsorship, come check this link  at:

There are more stories came from my fellow friends. Check it out here!

  1. Umang Jain – GNOME.Asia 2018, Taipei
  2. Joko Susilo – My Amazing Trip To COSCUP x GNOME.Asia x openSUSE.Asia 2018


It’s not always about the place or event, it’s about the people.

Always about the people.

Libur Nih

Postingan ini merangkum semua hal yang terjadi dari bulan Ramadan akhir sampai pada saat liburan sekolah datang. Kalau di tahun masehi sekitar akhir Mei sampai awal Juni 2018. Jadinya banyak bertemu teman lama dan menghabiskan waktu bersama keluarga.

bersama kita batal puasa infus k

Bersama Kita Batal Puasa Infus K

sama mama

Beberapa waktu lalu, Mama dan adik saya Ghaniya liburan di Jogja. Tepatnya sekitar akhir Juni sampai awal Juli 2018. Di liburan kali ini, saya dan Sendy sengaja tidak memasang target seperti tahun-tahun sebelumnya perihal mau ke mana dan mau bagaimana. Pada akhirnyapun, 3 hari pertama di rumah, Mama malah bantuin beres-beres kebun belakang :))

Took my mom to a sushi place

lebaran di tasikmalaya

Lebaran tahun 2018 adalah lebaran kedua kami setelah menikah. Tahun ini jadwalnya hari H di rumah Ibu di Tasik. Kumpul bersama keluarga membuat bar family  langsung full!

Anak-anaknya Ibu Teti

halal bihalal di rumah banjar

Setiap tanggal 2 Syawal di keluarga ayah, keluarga Astamanggala diadakan halal bi halal. Setiap keluarga mendapat bagian, kebetulan tahun ini giliran keluarga Ayah di Banjar. Perencanaan acaranya sudah jauh-jauh hari, ternyata masih saja tak ada yang sempurna. Alhamdulillah acara berjalan lancar, bisa bertemu keluarga besar. Di acara ini, seluruh anggota keluarga jadi panitia termasuk Adenia. Dia kebagian baca Al-Qur’an, saya sendiri menjadi pembawa acara.

pergi ke majalengka

Keluarga Ayah Sendy akarnya dari Majalengka. Sebelum ini, saya belum pernah ke Majalengka *dasar orang Jawa Barat tak tahu daerah hahaha*

ke rumah mami endah

Setelah lebaran tiba, saya, Sendy, Adenia, Mba Melan dan Teh Wulan pergi ke rumah Mami Endah. Mami Endah adalah ibu kost saya dulu. Kami masih sering berkunjung, kadang-kadang Bintang menginap di rumah saya untuk sekedar main game.

Ke Rumah Mami Endah

ke sunday morning ugm

safari: mesjid suciati, gito gati


17 Million Second with You


Foto ketika masih single :))

Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah, atas semua karunia, rezeki dan kesempatan dari Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala. Tepat tanggal 17 April 2017 pukul 10 pagi, Bapak Sendy mengucapkan akad nikah di halaman rumah, Banjar. Halaman rumah yang menjadi saksi Ibu Siska berenang di kolam ikan saat kelas 3 SD, saksi nakalnya Siska suka jahilin adik pertamanya, Wulan saat kelas 1 SD. Menjadi saksi berubahnya kolam ikan menjadi kebun selada kesayangan ayah. Yang menjadi saksi banyak peristiwa sedih, haru, bahagia. Halaman yang menjadi tempat peristirahatan terakhir Ayah Wawan.

Bangga sekaligus haru, sedih, bahagia bisa menikah walaupun tanpa Ayah, tanpa wali yang lengkap dan seharusnya. Sudah putuh sejarah wali untuk Ibuk Siska sampai yang menjadi wali ditunjuk dari Kantor Urusan Agama, yaitu Kepala KUA Kecamatan Purwaharja itu sendiri :)).

Akad nikah yang disaksikan Mama yang tak berhenti air matanya, yang terus menunduk. Entah menangis bahagia atau berduka atas ketidakhadiran Ayah di situ, di tengah-tengah kami. Tangisannya tak berhenti sampai prosesi sungkem dilaksanakan, Ibu Siska juga jadi sedih huhuhu.

Seminggu setelah menikah, Ibu Siska dan Bapak Sendy langsung berangkat ke Jogja menempati rumah sederhana di daerah Maguwo. Bermodalkan barang-barang boyongan dari kosan masing-masing, perjalanan kami berdua sebagai suami-istri dimulai.  Yang mungkin sebenarnya adalah awal dari seluruh kehidupan kami.

Lyfe di Jogja

*judulnya biar kayak remaja jaman now*

Tanggal 15 Agustus 2017, Ibu Siska dinyatakan hamil 4 minggu! JENG JENG JEEENG ULAH SIAPAAAA INI SISKAAAAAAAAA, begitulah reaksi tetangga kalau ini terjadi di sinetron. Mengucapkan syukur kami berdua sebagai suami-istri dimulai. Berjanji untuk menjaga titipan adalah yang seharusnya dilakukan Ibu Siska. Tapi Ibu Siska malah seringnya muntah-muntah, gak enak makan, gak enak tidur, sakit pinggang, sakit punggung. Enggak happy, bawaannya bete melulu. 

Di bulan kedua, atau sekitar awal 7 minggu, Ibu Siska sudah mulai happy lagi, sudah makan enak lagi, sudah bisa nyapu rumah sambil ngomelin Bapak Sendy yang suka lupa jemur handuk selesai mandi. Mulai lagi mengurus komunitas GNOME yang sejak Maret 2017 jarang bikin acara kumpul-kumpul di Yogyakarta.

Puncaknya, tanggal 16 September 2017 Ibu Siska mengadakan acara Ulang Tahun GNOME ke 20 dan Pesta Rilis GNOME 3.26 di Kantor Bapak Sendy.  Bolak-balik Maguwo-Kotagede untuk ngambil perlengkapan acara. Padahal minggu itu juga Ibu Siska naik turun tanggal lantai 4 Fakultas Sains dan Teknologi untuk ngajar di Ruangan 408. Minggu yang sibuk tidak membuat Ibu Siska kehabisan energi, malah makin semangat karena tidak merasakan gejala tidak biasa.

Satu Minggu setelah acara selesai, sakit punggung sejadi-jadinya dirasakan. Dibawa tidur tapi tak berakhir lelahnya. Beberapa hari setelahnya, terjadilah spotting. Awalnya hanya flek warna cokelat, lama kelamaan jadi merah juga. Kendati menenangkan diri tapi Ibu Siska cemas juga karena 5 hari setelah masih terus mengeluarkan darah, malah yang ada mules-mules.

Hari Jum’at 28 September 2017 pagi, Ibu Siska pergi kontrol ke klinik Ob/Gyn di Rumah Sakit Akademik UGM. Sudah diwanti-wanti untuk bedrest alias total gak ngapa-ngapain cuma boleh ke kamar mandi saja.

Malamnya, pendarahan makin menjadi.

Pukul 9 malam, pesan GoCar ke UGD RSA UGM. Sejam kemudian, setelah mules hebat selama 1 jam. Janin berukuran kepal orang dewasa keluar, tak mampu bertahan.


Butuh seminggu untuk bisa berdamai dengan hati dan pikiran, Bapak Sendy juga masih murung semisal diminta cerita di mana menguburnya, bagaimana sebelum dikuburnya, udah ada bentuknya belum dll. Sampai tulisan ini dimuat,  Ibu Siska belum sanggup mengunjungi makamnya yang sebenarnya ada di sekitar tanaman oyong yang ditanam Ibu Siska juga. Hari ini, 17 juta detik Ibu Siska dan Bapak Sendy bersama-sama, selama itu pula kami masih saling berusaha mengerti satu sama lain, berusaha tak perlu mengungkapkan hanya lewat suara dan bahasa. Emang bisa? 

Screenshot from 2017-10-18 07-38-38

Bapak Sendy Goes To Tokyo


Akhirnya ya, setelah bertahun-tahun enggak  cap paspor, tanggal 19 Oktober besok jadi terbang ke Kuala Lumpur lalu sambung ke Tokyo lewat Bandara Haneda. Bapak Sendy berangkat ke Tokyo. Fiuh.  *padahal tahun lalu dia habis dari India dan Vietnam, cih!*

Buat yang bertanya-tanya ngapain dia ke Tokyo, lha tinggal tanya sendiri gih :)). Ceritanya, materi Bapak Sendy keterima di acara opensource yang akan diadakan di Tokyo, Jepang. Nama acaranya openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017. Setelah sebelumnya Bapak Sendy juga yang menjadi volunteer coordinator di acara openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016 di Yogyakarta.

Pesiapan menuju ke Tokyo bukan persiapan yang sebentar karena menyangkut urusan visa, biaya perjalanan dan segala kebutuhan musim gugur. Bok, dia gak pernah nyobain suhu 13 derajat celcius  di Indonesia, apalagi sekarang ini sedang musim peralihan kemarau ke hujan di Yogyakarta, otomatis sehari-hari bisa sampai dua puluh derajat celcius.

Yasudah, selamat travelling ya Pak. Semoga perjalanan ini menjadikan kamu manusia yang semakin bersyukur, dijauhkan dari kufur nikmat. Semoga menjadi perjalanan yang penuh berkah. Ku tak minta oleh-oleh, cukup pulang dengan selamat saja, hihihi. 

with love and warm hugs,

your ini-handuk-dijemur-please-jangan-maen-simpen-masih-basah-di-atas-kasur wife :*


Perempuan Sadar Teknologi – PASTI

Dunia kita, aku, sebagai lulusan SMK jurusan Teknik Komputer dan Jaringan, kemudian kuliah jurusan Teknik Informatika dengan skripsi tentang programmer behavior, menjadikan aku dan kita menerima informasi dengan cepat, terkini, terbaru. Tentang banyak teknologi yang diperbaharui, hampir tiap minggu, bahkan itungan hari.

Semua teknologi itu memang pada dasarnya supaya kehidupan kita lebih baik. Contohlah saja ibu-ibu sekarang memakai mesin cuci dengan satu klik dari mulai mencuci, bilas sampai mengeringkan. Semua itu takkan terlaksana tanpa campur tangan teknologi.

Tapi, keadaan kita sekarang yang informasi tersebar dengan cepat, membuat kita berfikir bahwa pemikiran kita paling maju, teknologi kita terdepan, menjadikan satu lapisan masyarakat terlewat.

Itulah ibu-ibu. Mereka adalah lapisan yang terlupa dari sentuhan teknologi. Berapa banyak yang anaknya lincah menggunakan laptop tapi ketika mamanya mencoba menggunakan sesuatu disitu, malahan anaknya yang mengajari? Ibu-ibu tidak lagi punya kontrol terhadap ‘isi’ dari laptop anak mereka karena, ‘untuk menyalakan saja, saya tak bisa’.

Jadi, pengenalan ibu-ibu terhadap teknologi adalah hal yang baru tapi sekaligus melegakan bagi mereka. Kegiatan kemarin di Padukuhan Nologaten, Sleman, Yogyakarta bersama PASTi (perempuan sadar teknologi) ini berfokus mengenalkan bu ibu terharap teknologi perangkat terbuka (open source) sehingga mereka dapat menggunakannya di laptop masing-masing.


PS. haruus sabar, bu ibu belum bisa pegang mouse. hehehe.


Training ibu–ibu dengan openSUSE-GNOME


Ibu-Ibu PKK Padukuhan Nologaten


Semoga makin banyak ya, bu


Gerakan ini mengajak semua adik-adik, mahasiswa, pelajar untuk dapat berkontribusi langsung di masyarakat. Oiya, kegiatan di PASTi tidak cuma ngajari ibu-ibu ini lhoo, beberapa kali kita pernah juga mengadakan Workshop dan Pelatihan.

Postingan ini dikutin dari Facebook saya sendiri di link berikut ini.

openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016: A Remarkable Event – and gallery from Local Team –

Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work. – Booker T. Washington 

Who’s here who know where exactly Yogyakarta is? It is hard to simply explains where the city with local community of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) or Linux or Open Source and culture always stays in harmony is pointed. The way people of Indonesia remember, Yogyakarta is one of big cities with huge number of university and college students.

It was about 7 or 8 months ago (consider this was posted in second week of October 2016), when Pak Edwin Zakaria asked to join to handle this event — openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016 — start from how we arranged the proposal to SUSE. It was countless and endless virtual meetings.


Thank you technology, now I know when it was 😀 (FYI, the name you looking for is “Siska Iskandar”)

First thing first, the meetings is about how we introduced Indonesia as one of the potential location for the next summit, I mean openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016. This group responsible for all and each words we made it, through a space and time between works, families, and everything matters.


Google Hangout for Local Team(s).  the only girl here!

After that, people formed and composed the proposal with collaborative and -as you know how people in community works- stick to deadline,  a lot talks and meetings for event spot and site locations, budgeting, considered there were limited time for sending out proposal –the deadline for sending out proposal is April 30 —


The meeting, few months after virtual meeting.

Overall, the key points proposals should consider, and what will be taken into account when deciding among candidates, are: Introduction, Objectives, Local Organizers, Proposed organizing committee, Proposed supporting organizations, Proposal Dates & Venue, Rooms, Keynotes, Registration, Travel support, Food and accommodation, Sponsorship, Call for paper, Call for volunteer, Theme, T-shirt, About Venue, Activities and schedule, Conference, Dinner and party, Expectations and marketing, Budget Estimation, Conference Venue, Conference Room, Tea break, Marketing materials(T-shirts,banner,badge,posters, etc.), Lunch, Dinner, Travel subsidy, Accommodation, Miscellaneous (Think about 10% uplift to have more buffer), Potential sponsors & media partners, Conclusion.

PHEW  ~~~~~~ \O^O/ ~~~~~




There was meeting with people outside Indonesia, also, those who helped us to formed the best openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016. The first IRC Meeting with Committee Asia is at May 9, with some debate about how the name of venue is going to be placed and called.

~~~ and another IRC Meeting that I wasn’t attend because of several reasons.


First openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016 art by Kukuh Syafa’at

Thanks to Kukuh for your arts and works, the local committee is forever in debt with you.


Call for Paper is out! it was released on 22 June 2016



Thank you for all head committee of openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016, to  Ahmad HarisDidiet Pambudiono,  for helping us finds sponsors.


In this phase, there are 6 (six) contestants who joined competitions. The committee want so say “Congratulation to Ramadoni, and many thanks and appreciation to Ana, Aris, Danang, Kukuh, Shawhong  for your participation in this contest.” [1]


Ramadoni’s arts are divine, the committee gave him Magic Box!

From all pre-events before the Summit happens, the -behind the scene- local committee are proudly presents the very first version of art for Call for Participants.


Our very first poster!


Not long after it was voted by committee, this posters already spread and placed in several free walls in Yogyakarta.

The one who did glued and placed those posters is Agung Laksana. He is one of the local team of event. Thanks to him!


Our Facebook Group for the event!


Another Local Committee meeting!

It is time to have some sounding for the participants. We already have a schedule to visited several local radio and local newspaper for gain more and more participants. Thank you for Ibra Maulana who has a lot connections, so that we had so many radio who willing to aired our events. This one below is the first local radio who visited and aired with Sendy and Estu.


Q FM Radio – the first local radio for event promotion.


Local Radio: StarJogja


Me, feeling cold.


Local Radio: Ista Kalisa


Local Radio: UTYFMedari


Local Radio: Arma


Local Radio: Geronimo FM

There are also several local newspaper and media who became our media partner. We also visited them in form event marketing.


Local Newspaper: Kedaulatan Rakyat


Local Newspaper: Harian Jogja


Local Newspaper: Bernas


Thursday, H-1 to event but I still have some classes to teach.  😀


Last meeting at H-1 night


T-shirt for Local Team, a special ones from Excellent (Mr. Vavai)


Those who sacrifice their oxygen or Co2 for the event


preparing the most necessary


A meeting after Workshop


Keep The Green Flying High!


Keep practice! The girl for Traditional Dances


“Oh, man how could we put this?”


Cut, cut, cut, till the night is black


ALL VOLUNTEERS ARE HERE! It is an honor to have all of them.

Below ones is the rest of pictures that local committee kept in groups, no intention to show off but to tell everyone that they are really put a great works here.



In the middle of events, I was one of the speakers, too. My talks is happens in Main Hall Convention Hall in days 2 at 15.45 till 16.20. The talk’s title is “Community Development with openSUSE” with sub-topic “My Experience Socializing openSUSE to Mothers and Housewives (Ibu-Ibu PKK) in Indonesia.


Picture from openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016 Flickr Group

This is my first time to become a speaker in international conference, although the presentation in quite simple but it was a great chance for me to speak in such incredible event. Next time, I plan to create and share the material before propose it to the mothers and housewives. Currently, there is 5 core members for this movement, all of them are women. 


A participant who asked me about how this community grew and maintained.


The one and only fuchsia (or purple) shoes in openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016. I asked Mr.Iwan Tahari to made a special one for me (the shoes for speaker are actually green)

Thank you for Pak Yan Arief to become a super patients, super detail treasures.

Last but not least, this picture below are taken from openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016 Flickr Group. 

An amusing one, here below.

Personally, I want to thanks to all the sponsor of openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016: openSUSE, SUSE, Bekraf, UIN Sunan Kalijaga,Kominfo, Fans, Excellent,Biznet, Cloudkilat, Qwords, Ngonoo, KSL Kusuka, and for all people in community of openSUSE Indonesia Community.



See you at openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017, in Tokyo maybe! or Kawasaki ~

It’s GNOME 3.18 Release Party!

Indonesia is celebrating it’s GNOME 3.18 Release!


A moment while preparing the event

GNOME Indonesia is preparing GNOME 3.18 Release Party in several cities, including Yogyakarta.  Yogyakarta is Special District in Indonesia, located in centre of Java Island.


Crystal Lotus Hotel Yogyakarta

It was a sunny and bright day in Yogyakarta. From the place we sat, we can see a pool just right beside the event place. It’s good to see some bright colour!


So calming

GNOME 3.18 released at September 23rd 2015, but the date is coincided with Eid Al-Adha, so we decide GNOME 3.18 Release Party will be held at October 3rd. Crystal Lotus Hotel,  Yogyakarta is place where the Party is on!


Teams are preparing the event. They already in registration desk.

From first we have managed there are three main person held this event. It is Sendy Suryana for handling the team. He is team coordinator. Ibra Maulana as Media Relation and me (:P) as an Event Coordinator.


That is Ibra Maulana in black shirt 😀


Elva and Fitron as Master of Ceremony

The growing community of KPLI (Komunitas Penggerak Linux Indonesia) or Community of Linux Movement of Indonesia, KSL KUSUKA (Kelompok Studi Linux Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Kalijaga) or Linux Study Club of Islamic State University of Sunan Kalijaga and PASTi (Perempuan Sadar Teknologi) or Women and Technology is also taking part in this event.


The event is officially open by Eric, lead of the GNOME 3.18 Release Party.


Who is that? >.<

First agenda that day is an opening. It is Pipin from KPLI Jogja talk about “Apasih GNOME itu?” or translated in English “What is GNOME?”. He talked a bit specific about how and what is GNOME. This material is prepared corresponding to a lot of college and university student coming in that day and have no idea what GNOME is. It is also to ensure there will be same comprehension about what and how GNOME is.

GNOME 3.18 Release Party

Pipin talking with title “What is GNOME” corresponding to a lot of beginner user coming in that day.



Who’s coming?

……but wait…. Are we really in a party? Because I can not see any party poppers here….

sad face

Calm down. The second speaker is preparing something new! Something you should know! Whaaaaat is thaaat?

You probably do not have to jumping. In case you want to jump, find a trampoline first.


Sendy and his-proud-to-show-off shoes from GNOME.Asia Summit 2015

Sendy is talk about “New Feature in GNOME 3.18” yes. That is main thing you should know when you attend “GNOME 3.18 Release Party”. As in Sendy’s slide and also in official website of GNOME that GNOME 3.18 has been named “Gothenburg” in recognition of this year’s GUADEC organising team. GUADEC is GNOME’s main annual conference. In 2015, it was held in Gothenburg, Sweden.

GNOME 3.18 brings some major new features, include Google Drive integration in Files, Firmware updates through Software, Automatic screen brightness,Touchpad gestures,Several new applications: Calendar and Characters, Significant improvements to Files, Boxes and Polari!


Someone is asking  Sendy question about how reliable is GNOME and that’s why he got our cute penguin doll

Sendy Memberikan Cute Doll



Miss Elva looks tired. She end the bottle till the last drop. Awesome 😀

Class is separated by two material now. The first material is about “BlankOn Linux Architecture and how GNOME fits into the picture” presented by Aji Kisworo Mukti as an advance class.


Aji Talks

Aji is talks in front of people about BlankOn Project

The second class is held by me (:P). There are number of mothers and housewives that come to that event because I was going to present the main purpose of material. The main theme of my ongoing project is “Take a Dip into Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) with Motherhood and Housewives” and in that occasion, I took a part to talk about Internet and Software Piracy as a beginning material before I took them to talk to the whole new level of becoming a part of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

Siska-PST 4

Hey little boy, fancy some party?

The Moms

Mom and kid as attendee of GNOME 3.18 Release Party

Siska-PST 1

“Take a Dip into FOSS with Motherhood and Housewives” is the tittle of my project for motherhood and housewives

I also invited some of our friend that has been using Linux for long time. This was also an honour to welcome them.  They are friend from openSUSE Indonesia, KDE and Ubuntu.

Cah KDE.jpg

Mr.Edwin in green t-shirt from openSUSE Indonesia

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


NOW IS THE TIME FOR PARTY-ING! Blow all ballons, prepare the Nasi Tumpeng (make sure place it where everyone can take a look at it), share all the party-thing (including hat, the Cheese camera replica, the G N O M E headbands)

The most important thing in this GNOME 3.18 Release Party is the Nasi Tumpeng or if I quote Kanya’s words, “Tumpeng” is the cone-shaped rice surrounded by assorted Indonesian dishes. Usually used in special event celebrations.


The Famous Nasi Tumpeng is ready to cut!

While you are partying. Here is a local band by friends of mine that will fill your soul within this party!

This event was followed about 50 participants. They are included high-school students, college and university students, housewives, openSUSE Indonesia representatives, KDE users and Linux enthusiasts.

Foto panitia.JPG

Thanks to all team of GNOME 3.18 Release Party!

This event is only possible due to the hard work of teams and volunteers. A bunch thanks to all sponsor and especially GNOME Foundation for sponsoring this event. Thank you for all attendee and Crystal Lotus Hotel for a neat and splendid atmosphere!


List of post about this event also seen on:

  1. By Sendy (The Team Coordinator) – GNOME 3.18 Release Party
  2. By Kanya (The Tomato Juice Band’s vocalist) – GNOME 3.18 Release Party Yogyakarta: A Perspective of Outsider
  3. By Elvanisa Muhsina (our Miss MC) GNOME 3.18 Release Party


See you in GNOME 3.18 Release Party in Tegal at Indonesia Linux Conference (ILC) 2015 😉